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Automotive Aftermarket Consultation
Uhle & Clark, Inc, offers consulting services to manufacturers wanting to gain market share in the automotive aftermarket; both in retail and warehouse distribution channels. Our thirty plus years of experience has afforded us valuable insight into the many aspects of a successful business model. We help to increase profits, improve performance, reduce costs and stay aware and ahead of the changes in our industry.

We help clients to focus on the needs and preferences of end customers and concentrate on the sole end goal of increasing our clients’ profits and ensuring that every resource is used as efficiently as possible. Market intelligence, knowledge of the competition, proven aftermarket entrance strategies and understanding supply and demand are keys to our success.

Finding the right profit margin is one challenge suppliers face and it has become more and more important in today’s market. Over distribution, intensified competition, shrinking markets and trending on-line purchasing makes pricing more and more difficult. We can assist with pricing analysis; helping to find an ideal margin.

A clear understanding of the demand for your product is the first step in making good distribution and inventory decisions. Calculating demand is difficult and can often be costly and time consuming. Taking advantage of our extensive knowledge and experience can help you save time and money and jump start your efforts.

Competition knowledge and its significance is often over looked by manufacturers; again a costly mistake. Before launching a product or any concentrated sales and advertising programs you should have an in-depth knowledge of all competition in your targeted area. We are a valuable asset to our clients in this area.

A focused company offering a streamlined product line becomes a successful business. We can help you simplify and focus on your area of expertise. Helping you to concentrate on what you do best; where you can outperform everybody else. Also focusing on the most profitable customers, those you can serve better than any competitor.